Life is a Taboret

Last week (3/15) I mentioned the new taboret I purchased for my oil painting area and promised to show you a picture of it. Well, it arrived, and it’s as advertised. Very spacious, well designed, and – best of all – cool. I’ll miss the sawhorses and the particleboard surface that I was using before… but not a lot. Especially nice are the large glass palette on top and the drawer dividers to keep my paint tubes organized and easy to find. Thanks again to Casey Childs, the painter who designed it and Jared Bringhurst for building it. Next: Some actual comic strip blogging. Continue reading

Texting and Driving

The hard working folks at AAA have taken notice of this weeks series about texting while driving. And even better, USA Today got in on the action and interviewed Jim and me for an article about it in today’s edition. Better than let me try to explain it, here’s what our indefatigable PR team has to say about it: Continue reading

Cover Designs: Step One

Every spring and every fall for the last dozen years or so, a new Zits collection book has been published by Andrews McMeel. That’s a lot of books, and with just a couple of exceptions, we have done the covers ourselves. Sometimes they design themselves, other times they grab you by the lip and pull you, kicking and screaming through the process, and then deposit you whimpering and shaking at the publisher’s feet, begging for help… with a sore lip.

We’re in the process of designing the fall 2011 collection, which will be a hardcover (our first!) and contain the Best of Zits Sunday strips. The title is Sunday Brunch. Here is Jim’s initial thumbnail sketch.


Cool idea… a photo of real teenager stuff scattered across a floor in that casual, carefree way that screams, “GET IN HERE AND CLEAN UP THIS MESS BEFORE I…” But since the publisher likes the characters to be featured prominently on the covers, I did a couple of alternative designs.


So we voted, and none of them won.


Next: Step Two.