Our Friends at the Framery

The good folks at The Framery on Hyde Park Square  here in Cincinnati have produced a small number of giclee prints of one of our most requested strips of all time, Mom's day with little Jeremy. It's a rare heartwarmer, for sure, the one every mom seems to recount to us when we do signings, usually with tears of lost innocence and barely concealed betrayal streaming down her cheeks. We've learned to bring tissues.

The point is, we've signed a stack of the prints and they're available at this fine little gallery, as are all of our Zits originals.


Moderately Confused

Hey, check out Jeff Stahler’s Moderately Confused panel today!


Jeff’s one of the greats, as well as a longtime buddy from our days as the editorial cartoonists across town from each other at the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Cincinnati Post. The guy’s quiet, gorgeously drawn cartoons made me want to break my knuckles on a daily basis.


My buddy Jeff Koterba emailed me the minute this strip hit the comics page of the Omaha World Herald. Jeff's the estimable editorial cartoonist at the OWH and way more. If you haven't read his memoir Inklings, it's fascinating. And beyond that, Jeff heads up the swing band Prairie Cats which does all the music at the annual National Cartoonist Society's Reuben Awards festivities. He may well dance in the Nutcracker, too, for all I know — a true Renaissance Man.

I think this mini-series about Jeremy not being able to get through Wuthering Heights was initiated by me in my coffee shop sketchbook and passed along for Jerry's magic touch. It called for Jeremy to end up somewhere far from home, and since we intentionally never identify Jeremy's home, that place seemed to be Omaha, a place that seems far from almost everyone's home. I Google Image Searched "Omaha skyline", gathered several reference photos, spread them across my screen, and then totally fudged it. Koterba claims he could tell it was Omaha even before he read the punchline. "The building on the left is Woodmen Tower which I wrote about in Inklings." Gracious man.