Life is a Taboret

Last week (3/15) I mentioned the new taboret I purchased for my oil painting area and promised to show you a picture of it. Well, it arrived, and it’s as advertised. Very spacious, well designed, and – best of all – cool. I’ll miss the sawhorses and the particleboard surface that I was using before… but not a lot. Especially nice are the large glass palette on top and the drawer dividers to keep my paint tubes organized and easy to find. Thanks again to Casey Childs, the painter who designed it and Jared Bringhurst for building it. Next: Some actual comic strip blogging. Continue reading

Our Friends at the Framery

The good folks at The Framery on Hyde Park Square  here in Cincinnati have produced a small number of giclee prints of one of our most requested strips of all time, Mom's day with little Jeremy. It's a rare heartwarmer, for sure, the one every mom seems to recount to us when we do signings, usually with tears of lost innocence and barely concealed betrayal streaming down her cheeks. We've learned to bring tissues.

The point is, we've signed a stack of the prints and they're available at this fine little gallery, as are all of our Zits originals.