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  1. Did these people actually want kids? The more I read of this comic the less I like it. The parents spend 95% of the time apparently hating parenthood and being openly hostile. I realize there are a lot worse family situations you can be in, but I’d want out of that house and off to college too!

  2. I dunno, one person’s satire is another person’s “this is slightly better than my family was and its both funny and mildly disturbing to see it normalized in media”.

    Which is to say, I’m with Cheryl. Lots of people didn’t want what parenthood turned out to be. Lots of people somehow work their way into mutually hostile situations with their teenagers. Jeremy is a good person. He gets good grades. Other adults like him. But, his parents seem honestly angry that he needs to sleep a lot and eat a lot because he’s a teenager and that’s what his body needs. And, he picks up on that hostility and avoids them ALL the time because of it, and that gives them legitimate things to be angry about (constantly ignored, taken for granted, etc).

    Other oil and water moments: his mother keeps wishing he would talk about his feelings with her, and thinks he would if he was a girl (nevermind that she’s constantly criticizing, interrupting, lecturing, or demanding to have 100% access to his life so she’s presented herself as a REALLY unsafe person to talk to). So, he avoids talking to her, because its rife with punishment. Which causes her to punish him more.

  3. What are you people going on about? This kid has way more freedom than any teenager who doesn’t help out, talks back to his parents, and utterly ignores them should ever have. This is coming from a teenager mind you. Jeremy is SPOILED, the worst he’s been punished with is a bit of yelling and a few days of being grounded for things that would, normally, call for a much harsher punishment. Though I wouldn’t consider anything he gets punished with bad considering he keeps his stuff and can still have friends over despite the things he does.

    Side note, getting good grades and being nice to people you barely know hardly outs ways everything else.

  4. I go with Lauren. My parents took me out of public school because I got bullied a few times and now I’ve been in virtual homeschooling for 4 years! I mean, I don’t mind much, but I have become an introvert now.

    Actually I go with everyone here, the parents are to overprotective and hostile but then again Jeremy is a single kid and they usually are spoiled. Not saying that EVERY single kid is spoiled, just saying that some parents do that.

    But then again, THIS IS A COMIC! A FICTIONAL CHARACTER MADE FOR OUR PUBLIC ENJOYMENT. So just calm down and laugh at the hilarity of it all.


    • Yes, according to Aristotle, comedy is a depiction of people with vices that would be bad in real life but are entertaining to watch or read about. Nobody would want a son like Jeremy or parents like Walt and Connie, but they make good cartoon characters because of their laughable vices. If it’s not your thing, that’s fine, but comedy wouldn’t exist without flawed people.

  5. Not to mention that on top of all of this, these are excerpts from their assumed lives, and like any episodic/modular content, it’s going to be showing excerpts from their life, not their whole lives, so especially with fictional characters and the fact that it’s comedic, of course we’re going to get exaggerated stuff.

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