4 thoughts on “October 29, 2017

  1. Why would a young, presumably male, guy want his grammies nicknacks?
    Tell the truth now, you want the guy to be a girl and have all along.
    I used to think this was funny, now it’s just sad.

  2. I rarely read the comics but my husband always does. I read this one and I love it. Because it hits home. I’ve saved so much stuff for grandkids. I’m realizing now they’ll never want it so I’m getting rid of it. So hope this will be a wake-up call for many parents and grandparents. Thank you Zits..

  3. While I agree that he won’t want teapots and doilies (and probably that couch) but free furniture? Give me an old dresser and I’ll paint it if it’s hideous. And throw pillows can be recovered very cheaply. Just save the stuffing/pillow form from that heart pillow and buy or sew as new sham. I though I would care about using my childhood bedroom furniture as an adult. Sure, I might prefer a different style and a larger mirror, but bedroom sets are expensive. It’s not about want the specific items, it’s about not having to purchase new stuff. I took everything I could get from my parents.

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