21 thoughts on “October 24, 2018

  1. It’s always fun to read your strip and today’s strip on the boys sitting with the awkward youngster elevates the quality of your work to another level. Nice message! Nice job! Keep it up.

  2. I am using today’s Zits to underscore unity day at our school. We are implementing a schoolwide anti-bullying campaign to help those who are bullied as well as the bullies.
    Thank you!

  3. Years ago, my daughter was Andy. You’ve reminded me of a visit on parent’s day in fifth grade. The memory of her sitting alone in the lunchroom left a small scar on my soul. I’m sitting here in tears. Thank you gentlemen. This is lovely.

  4. Thank you for including Andy into your strip. For every other “Andy” like kid out there sitting alone at lunch time you are not alone. And time will change that feeling into a better one. Thank you for everyone that notices when someone else needs a friend.

  5. This made me so happy! It’s so common to see content made for teens and young adults that reinforces that mentality of excluding the “losers”, that I had to smile at the “plot twist” in this comic strip. You guys rock! I’ll add this to my (long) list of reasons why I love Zits. =)

  6. I was one of the unpopular kids in my high school. Did not fit in. Just once did a popular upper class person stand up for me when I was being picked on. It made a lot of difference in my life. Thank you for your comic today. Brought back memories and why I fight so hard for the down trodden today.

  7. I think what’s nice about this comic is that you DON’T see Andy’s face, his reaction to three guys who probably don’t or rarely interact with him offering to join him for lunch.

    It’d be nice if we saw this guy again. Not all the time but make him a regular background character.
    It’d suck if he just disappeared like Viral or that other girl that Jeremy was briefly dating who vanished without a trace.

  8. I wanted to let you know how much this particular strip mean to me. Our oldest son, Doug, was ignored and/or bullied throughout grade school and high school. He finally found friends after school — all of them misfits in their own way. He wanted what everyone wants: a good job, friends, a loving relationship etc.. He had all of those at one time or another but he never seemed to be able to hold onto them. Last week, at 48, Depression took him and he died by suicide. It is no one’s fault, but I sometimes wonder if kids had reached out to him when he was in school, instead of pushing him away, if he would have developed the skills to fight Depression. Thanks so much for this day’s strip showing that compassion and kindness are essential. As an adult, Doug became one of the sweetest, most gentle and non-judgmental men you would ever want to know. Thanks again.

    • Anne, thank you for sharing your thoughts. My daughter has had the same kind of experience. i love what you wrote: “(Doug) wanted what everyone wants: a good job, friends, a loving relationship”. It is so simple but sometimes so hard. Kindness is everything.

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