3 thoughts on “October 17, 2017

  1. There’s a diatribe on this site about how no one should ask for old strips. OK. But the site frequently goes offline (like the last two days). So maybe instead of worrying about normal requests you could work on better coding.

    • Pablo, it wasn’t a diatribe about not asking for old strips. It was the authors’ way of saying the easiest way to find a strip is to use the site’s search function. I’m guessing Jerry and Jim don’t memorize all the strips. I was a bit concerned, too, about the site over the weekend. But technical issues happen to the best sites. I emailed King Features if they were aware of any issues and they responded to me.
      Have a great day.

      • They responded to you? Must be nice….

        Most of the comics are mirrored on other websites. I’d link to some of them but as soon as you put two links into a comment here, the comment gets lost in moderation hell. (That’s a config option under the Options -> Comments on WordPress’ backend I believe) Have one that’s been in there for over a year now where I was trying to answer someone’s question.

        If you google “zits comics” other websites, mostly newspapers, also display the comic.

        Hope this helps

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