One thought on “October 14, 2018

  1. Today’s comic brought back poignant but happy memories. You may be unaware that the floppy inflated figures you so accurately portrayed were, before the imitators and knockoffs, called “FlyGuys.” My best friend and business associate, the late Ariel Dränger, was an aeronautical engineer by education. He invented the Fly Guys for the closing ceremonies of the Atlanta Olympics, in which these white “Spirits of the Olympics rose above 50 feet all around the Olympic Stadium, then showering the audience with confetti. Loulou, as Arieh was known, commercialized the Fly Guys and then sold the company. I still think of Loulou every time I pass one of these figures in front of a muffler shop or other business, and recall his infectious enthusiasm for doing things that had never been attempted.

    Thank you for the reminder. I love your strip; our teenagers are grown but the memories persist and now they are about to have teenagers of their own.

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