3 thoughts on “November 9, 2018

  1. Gee, I got my first one at 46 (my old man had benign polyps too) and found three — also benign — and my more recent one was last year, with only one tiny one. So you’re never too young to get a colonoscopy.

    It’s a ounce of prevention that really shouldn’t be ignored, since I had a cousin who died of colon cancer three days before her 36th birthday. Way too young to go. I still miss her. 🙁

  2. Not the easiest procedure to get, but definitely NOT the worst. Especially now. A lot less laxative now than what dad has there.

    • Depends what your insurance pays for, sadly. They have a MUCH more comfortable kit that’s available for colonoscopies, but it’s also more expensive. So most of us get stuck with jugs like Walt has for insurance reasons. I got the “joy” of my first colonoscopy in my early 20’s, another one in my late 30’s (both checking for potential suspected problems, both came up clean). New guidelines in my state suggest my next one be in 5 years. I’m hoping the nicer stuff will have a price drop before then!

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