2 thoughts on “November 25, 2016

  1. You know what would be great? A side-by-side comparison of Jeremy and a teenager who lives in a condo.

    I live in a condo complex, and my mother does not want me to take the recycling and compost down to the underground parking lot where the bins are located because it’s too dangerous for me to go there on my own. We also throw garbage down a chute, sometimes in our pajamas, because the chute is inside the building, so we don’t have to worry about trash pick-up day, just the recycling and compost.

    We also don’t have leaves to rake and we share a pool and a convenience store with the other residents.

    So it would be nice to make a comparison. For example, in one panel, the condo-living teen offers to take the recycling downstairs to the scary underground parking lot, and her mother says, “Are you kidding? That’s too dangerous!”, and in the other panel, Connie asks Jeremy to take the recycling to the curb, and he says, “Are you kidding? That’s too dangerous!”

    Just thought I would offer you some food for thought.

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