4 thoughts on “November 13, 2017

  1. 1) Nowhere in the universe has there ever been any sort of phenomena that would give any plausible explanation for how in the heck Jeremy’s Mom could EVER think that phrase meant being without her phone.

    Dumb and poorly contrived.

    2) In anything similar to the real universe, it would far more likely have been Jeffrey that passed out from mortification. A middle-aged man would have been far more likely loudly call for the check!

    3) It’s bad enough that so many cartoons have felt the need to dive into the real world issues pool the last handful of years (gun violence, -phobia, and so on) – people come to comics to leave the real world behind for a few minutes a day; but you have to not only chase after stupid sex jokes, but ones about a teenager and his mom’s genitals?


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