5 thoughts on “March 30, 2017

  1. Actually snow (or new ones in general) tires wouldn’t be that bad of a choice considering she just got a new car.

    For all we know, Sara may be needing them anyway. Wake up birthday morning and Jeremy, Hector and Pierce are out there putting on her new set.

    I always tried to go with a practical gift.

  2. My wife told me she thought it was a great combined birthday/Christmas gift when I got them for her last year. Now I feel bad. (Actually I don’t)

  3. A practical gift is a good idea if that’s what she wants. I remember reading of a man who bought his wife a GPS for a special day and she was ticked. It was when a GPS was a new thing. She had a tendency to get lost so it was actually a great gift but a woman often wants something more romantic for a gift. I say you ask what she wants. It may spoil the surprise but that’s better than giving her something that will tick her off.

  4. Like father like son. Don’t do what my dad did to my mother one year for Christmas. He bought her a vacuum cleaner.

  5. If you past a certain age – we are in our mid-seventies – we don’t need any more jewelry, be it cufflinks or necklaces. A carefully though out practical item is really appreciated. Snow tires sounds as it would be a good bet.

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