8 thoughts on “March 2, 2017

  1. On behalf of all of us who majored in music in college (yes, I’m a working musician now and college debt was paid off), A huge “razjzberry” has been blown in your direction.

  2. I have retired from a very satisfying career in music and education after receiving my degree in music, and I’m still happily making music. Another raspberry coming your way. BTW, what was your major?

    • Perhaps it’s just my envy for any musical aptitude whatsoever that fuels my snark.

      And, yes, I have a science background.

      PhD in chemistry.

  3. This is almost the exact conversation my son and daughter-in-law had with their son last weekend. This straight A, and honors, high school student told a college contact that he wants to major in music—–. He has never taken a music lesson in his life!! And has only been pecking on a guitar for about six months!!

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