8 thoughts on “March 19, 2018

  1. I was disheartened and disgusted by this extremely unfunny effort. A kid being physically assaulted to make him do his homework?

    What the bleeding, unholy fuck is humorous about that?

    Too many kids have been, and still are, beaten by their parents to force them to “toe the line.”

    This wretched strip makes it seem as if you approve of that (even if you don’t).

    Major fail. You should be ashamed.

  2. And we have so many that never got spanked, that we have a nation of snowflakes that melt in the presence of words they don’t agree with. I do think spanking has a place, especially when there is disrespect toward the parent, but we all need a kick in the…pants… once in a while to get going. Balance, not one way or no way.

  3. Disgusted ?? Really? Any you resort to the use of vulgarity to make you point? Ashamed on yourself.

    I agree there are way too many cases of child abuse however, the number of worthless young people that never knew or where shown discipline is far greater. There IS such as thing as balance and the correct time.

    Sorry you feel the way you do.

  4. Not a metaphor when the footprint is shown. The problem is that motivating Jeremy to do what he should has never required violence. When a child is young, some physical punishment may be necessary to promote proper behavior. But only as a last resort.

    Doing it now means his father has given up his moral authority. If it’s needed at Jeremy’s age, his parents have already lost the war. And Jeremy just accepting it doesn’t fit the character. For that matter, neither does Walt’s behavior. Does anyone think Connie would be OK with it?

    So no, not funny. And just generally a bad message.

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