9 thoughts on “March 16, 2017

    • My dad and his siblings’ hair went from blond to varying shades of brown, with my dad’s being pretty dark. So it’s not unheard of.

    • what i wanna know is how two black haired parents can have a blonde kid, after all, black hair is dominant over recessive,

      yes while i realize how it could’ve happened, it seems like the chances are very low, especially since we havent seen the grandparents at all

      • @zubhan, It’s just an unlikely chance, but they also could both be carriers for blonde hair…. and it’s actually not that unlikely (1/4 chance)…

      • Chances might be low, but boys are more likely than girls to have recessive traits due to the Y chromosome (I think it’s something to do with its shape).

  1. My dad was red head but turned grey, and mom was brown. When I was born along with my siblings we were all blond, which turned into brown by the time I was 13ish.

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