6 thoughts on “March 1, 2016

  1. Funny, but not logical if you think about it. Even if he did give out the password and one of his friends was using the account at that moment then Jeremy and one other friend would be the only ones able to use it at the moment. When Jeremy stopped that would mean only one other person was using it and The parents show would start.

      • Time to change the PASSWORD & not tell JEREMY. Beside he was watching 3 movies at once. He should only have been able to watch 2 at a time. 😞😣

        • We teenagers KNOW that if you don’t tell us the password, it’s because you’re hiding something, or you don’t want us messin’ around. *hue hue hue* That’s never stopped us. . .*evil grin*

          • Ya, I ALWAYS somehow find out the passwords for accounts in my household. *evil laugh*

        • Unless on the third device was streaming from another source or watching something ripped/downloaded. Or he was only watching one and a friend was watching using the other and he was watching two DLed /ripped.

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