One thought on “June 27, 2011

  1. Reminds me about this story:

    A retired businessman was visting some Carribean islnad and while laying on the beach watched local fisherman. The fisher rose up every morning, took his boat out came back in the evening with fish or two. If he had two he sold the other one, but always her wife cooked a fish with vegetables and he, the wife and their daugher ate.

    So one day he approaches the fisherman when the day was done and start to talk to him: “Why don’t you save some money to buy a second net, so you could catch more fish?”

    “What would i do with more fish? We eat one and I can keep the boat, house and my fishing equipment up with the ocassional second fish I sell”, said the fisherman.

    “You could buy a second boat and hire somebody to use it so you’d get more money. With that you couild eventually buy a whole fleet and just concentrate on trading the fish. You could then build up a processing plant and sell to even large market”, said the businessman.

    “Why would I do that?” asked the fisherman.

    “In the end you could retire, buy a boat and go out fishing so you could bring a fish for you missus to cook.”

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