8 thoughts on “June 16, 2017

  1. Oh boy, experience! I can’t wait to go to the bank of life and cash that experience check in! Walmart takes experience at the registers, right?

  2. Is Jeremy already 17? He was 15 in the first comics, and then he was driving, so I assumed he turned 16, and now 17? Wow.

  3. So a job in which you are cleaning up after animals doesn’t even pay? Are you NUTS?? Skip that! Life experience? I don’t think any of us had to live very long to find out that… something… stinks.

    • Breaking the link since it appears someone at Kings has installed wp-spamfree once again. It’s a wordpress plugin that hasn’t been updated in at least 7 years and is know to cause issues.


      Most of their staff is unpaid as well.

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