2 thoughts on “June 12, 2018

  1. As the war seems unavoidable, the governments mobilize their citizens to prepare for the destruction that surely awaits them. Sirens howl as the military trucks rumble past countryside. As night falls, the country buckles down and seeks refuge in their cellars. Explosions break the silence of the night and a barrage of gunfire erupts into chaos. Hour by hour, the gunshots loom closer, closer, and closer still. The unthinkable occurs when a mortar round pierces the city center, expanding into a ear-damaging fireball of destruction. Armored vehicles begin to clank ever nearer, as soldiers scream in their foreign tongue to fire upon the buildings. Innocent blood begins to spill among the town, machine guns, grenades and artillery rounds muffling the screams of the people. One by one, the once peaceful town has been reduced to complete rubble, with now a population of zero. With machine-like glances toward one another, the company of foreign soldiers move to the next town. City by city, town by town, all across the countryside, the enemy soldiers repeat the murderous process with unstoppable power. Soon, the only people in the country are… the invaders.

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