6 thoughts on “June 10, 2018

  1. Today’s comic really reflects the underlying sexism in our culture. Women don’t wear summer clothes to get teenage boys or even other males all excited. I hope we don’t see more of this. It’s not funny.
    And by the way I’m a white male over 70. If I can wake up so canScott and Bergman.

    • Yes, they don’t wear those clothes to attract boys’ attention – but can you deny that teenage boys don’t notice them? This strip is depicting reality. And it’s not being sexist, it’s called being a teenager (in case you hadn’t realized that’s who the comic is about)

    • Let a woman tell you this: a woman wearing any nice clothes wants to look good. Proof of looking good is admiring looks from others, preferably men (in most cases). Imagine wearing a really sexy dress and nobody notices. Not nice.
      Any woman who tells you differently is lying.

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