8 thoughts on “July 4, 2018

  1. This isn’t the first time we saw this from him. We previously saw Pierce use some money for his birthday for a new tattoo, and spend the rest on the humane society. Jeremy called him someone with a face of silver and a heart of gold.

  2. He could have a lot more impact if he invested some of his money in promising economic enterprises instead of glasses

  3. Of course, this is the same generation that, in real life, is demanding that someone else pay for their college education, then go and “occupy” someplace if they don’t get a 6 figure salary upon graduation.

    • Way to stereotype. A lot of people are complaining because their expensive degrees can”t get them jobs above minimum wage. Should they have planned better? Probably. Sure, liberal arts degrees may not be the best way to make a decent salary. But what about the schools that take the tuition and don’t bother to advise of that?

      Even as companies say they want to promote STEM, they often want to pay a pittance, because they can just outsource.. Businesss look to get something for as little as possible. Not surprising, given that their focus is obviously the bottom line. But also short-sighted, since the working poor have liitle disposable income. Which means the *real* job creators, customers, have less and less of the wherewithall to provide the demand.

      Lumping everyone in this generation into one group misses the realiities of the current economic situation. Beyond being an overly broad generalization, it ignores that the deck is stacked against them in ways the last few generations didn’t have to face.

      So, yes, some are just whiners. But there are genuine issues you’re just dismissing out of hand.

  4. I love today’s strip! Hoarding money is a mental illness, yet our current administration is all about giving the 1% more billions while stealing health care, food, living wages, and education from the 99%. I’ve never understood why we are supposed to admire greedy, money-hoarding gazillionaires instead of looking at them for what they are: sad, pathetic, and in need of mental help. Thank you, Pierce, for leading the way!

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