4 thoughts on “July 25, 2016

  1. I’ve been reading Zits since my son became a teenager and usually relate to most situations. Today, however I was disheartened to see the signage of a skateboarding “nitwit”. Skateboarding and hiking (he is an Eagle Scout) are my son’s physical activities of choice. Skating provides him with a mode of transportation, exercise he can do alone, and has taught him a sense of perseverance that makes his mother proud. Please, in the future, can you portray a more positive skater stereotype?? With all due respect, I challenge you, Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, to give skateboarding a try for an hour or so. I think after that you might be better able to define “nitwit”!!

    • Ok, it’s not saying that he’s a nitwit BECAUSE he skateboards. Pierce is a nitwit who just happens to skateboard. And plus, it’s a comic, so, relax.

  2. They’re not saying that all skaters are nitwits, just that Pierce is. Remember, this is a guy who usually does things to the extreme, therefore, not using a lot of safety or regard for others. Chances are he’s skateboarding somewhere incredibly dangerous which would suit his MO

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