7 thoughts on “July 14, 2017

  1. Hear, hear! After all these years as a stay-at-home mom (which I am now convinced is the last legal form of slavery because we do everything and get NOTHING in return except more clutter to deal with by the end of the day), I am firmly convinced that there is such a condition as “clutter blindness” because my kids AND my husband are forever leaving stuff out and don’t pick it up or put it away until I nag them about it (which I REALLY hate doing!). Mrs. Duncan, you are my twin!

      • No you’re inconsiderate and selfish. If you don’t pick up after yourself someone else has to. If you care at all about your wife or mother (whichever you live with) don’t insult her by forcing her to pick up after you. It only creates resentment and rightfully so.

  2. For the privilege of getting to stay home and play with the kids all day, my wife has to pick an occasional sock that belongs to somebody else or rinse out a glass that isn’t her’s. Boo hoo. What a high price to pay.

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