12 thoughts on “July 13, 2018

  1. This is just so inappropriate. I would NEVER take my teen age son with me when trying on bathing suits. I could never get him to come. But yeah – wrong wrong wrong.

  2. As a mom of two teenage boys I usually find Zits to be pretty spot on, or at least relatable. The bathing suit story line is ridiculous.and becoming downright creepy. I will think about coming back when this is over! Ugh

  3. I’m impressed that Jeremy knows who Dante was, and understands the literary significance of the levels of Perdition

  4. While my spouse and I love this comic strip, we found this one insulting and embarassing. A mother showing her butt to her teenaged son the way this was portrayed made our stomachs turn. This was degrading to women and sends a terrible message to Zits readers.

  5. For all those overreacting to the story line, that’s the humor in it. The inappropriateness of the situation and that his mom is completely unaware. Sometimes that’s what moms do. There are a few family gems that we love to retell and laugh about (and with) my wife.

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