4 thoughts on “July 1, 2017

  1. I’m actually shocked that Connie knows what Coachella is.

    (Though she ought to be right in the prime demo for the first couple Coachellas, right now, this is the first strip I’ve seen that didn’t put her tastes rather older than the stuff contemporary to her youth.)

    • I thought that too for a moment. Surprised she knows Coachella. Then I remembered, I am Jeremy’s mom (I live her life), and I know what Coachella is.

      LOL – They do put all the Coachella fashion in People Magazine.

  2. It’s difficult to establish “contemporary to her youth” when the strip exists in frozen comic-time.

    Marge and Homer originally graduated Class of ’74.

  3. Contemporary to my youth would be umpteen crinolines for my and a flat-top hair cut for the Squire. And, NO, we don’t dress that way now.

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