8 thoughts on “January 7, 2017

  1. I hate the strip today. That kid is a total dick. 1st – he has no respect for his mother and her opinion 2nd – this translates to no respect for his girlfriend b/c he has no inclination to look nice for her. Which all translates into NO RESPECT for anyone. What a LOSER. I will NEVER read your strip again.

    • It’s one strip. Don’t get so easily butthurt. Maybe it wasn’t funny, but 😡 You try making a strip everyday.

    • It’s just Jim and Jerry making a joke about the rebellious nature of teenagers. It’s not meant to be taken seriously.

    • “I will NEVER read your strip again.”

      Your kind always says things like this, but they either never follow through, or else they are not missed.

  2. I don’t like Jeremy’s attitude today but I’ll keep reading. Though he deserves a good slap upside the head. This same thing has happened on “Pajama Diaries” when one of Jill’s daughters put her hair in a side pony and when Jill said she used to wear her hair that way the daughter decided not to. What is it with teens that they can’t like anything the parents like?

  3. What is with these sensitive people commenting? It’s a comic strip – its purpose is to be comedic while making fun of its subject. Yet some of you are acting like it’s instead making an objective statement about the nature of people that can’t be disputed. It’s bizarre.

  4. OK these comments are funny – if you have ever been or had a teenager you know they do the opposite of what the parent says. She should have said she didn’t like it and he would have wore it. It has been the same down through time.

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