13 thoughts on “January 4, 2017

  1. I like to explore your use of color. In the strip of Jan. 4, you seem to stay in a medium value range, making the whole scene seem like a giant jumble where not to many things stand out sharply from any other. Am I reading this right? Thanks.

  2. My wife and I have been faithful fans of your ‘Zits’ comic strip since its beginning – so many times it has reminded us of our son’s teen years (now 42), and brought us many laughs. We, like the majority who take newspapers & read Comic strips today are mature or senior citizens, who tend to be conservative in our views. Your 12/31/16 New Years’ Eve strip, with the blatant statement of two gay boys kissing in the center of the scene was offensive and a slap in our faces. Consider your audience before expressing your ‘politically correct’ views. We will write our local newspaper to encourage them not to carry your strip in the future.

    • Dude, for starters, chill out. In your newspaper, it can’t be more than half and inch wide.

      Secondly, how can you tell? The hair on both people is about average height, suitable for both genders.

    • Um, homosexual people’s existence isn’t a political view. It’s an accurate portrayal of reality. No one’s forcing their beliefs on you by representing teenagers in some accurate fashion, but homosexual teenagers ‘do’ exist, whether you believe they should be allowed to or not?

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