4 thoughts on “January 2, 2017

  1. As a log time admirer of your strip, (even have old yellowing ones cut out and hang ng on the refrigerator) it is with some sadness that I feel the need to comment on this week’s offering.
    I felt the Rose Bowl strip was condescending and cheap.
    With the kind of year it has been, to pick up the comics, especially on New Year’s Day, and read it was a real sad sad drag. To condescend and thumb your nose at an institution which is for many people across the country, a focus for youthful talent and healthy involvement, (not to mention great fun), was disheartening.
    Only thing good was that you missed the mark and the Rose Bowl was not on, “never on Sunday” and will be aired today, Monday. Instant Karma. Should have done your homework.
    Signed, Disillusioned fan in California

    • Actually, I know lots of people who make similar comments when watching it. It’s a parade and a football game. Neither should be taken too seriously.

    • Oh no, the Sunday strip of a comic poking fun at a parade for a Football game has hurt your feelings.
      Just because Scott and Borgman give Jeremy an opinion, doesn’t mean that they AGREE with it.
      Learn to separate a character from it’s creators and try to develop some thicker skin in 2017. You’ll need it for when you grow up

    • You’ve never noticed that a comic strip sometimes “airs” in advance of the event? In this case, probably to let the expanded format fit the concept. And did you really think your comment was so important that you had to post it the day after to make sure people read it? A small hint: It wasn’t.

      Jeremy is a snarky teenager, who as far as I can recall, has shown no interest in watching sports. So this behavior fits within the created reality of the strip. As someone who has never understood why people get so worked up about competitions that involve players they don’t know and will probably never meet, I don’t get it either. I can appreciate the talent and hard work. But I just don’t care.

      The problem with the country today is that people get so offended when someone doesn’t share their opinion. And yes, I know, everone has an idea what they think is wrong with society. But I consider that one pretty obvious. Live and let live, please.

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