7 thoughts on “January 16, 2016

  1. Just like where I live. They tell people to stay off the roads because they’re dangerous and out they go! Gotta get to the store to panic shop for chips and pop. You know, the essentials.

  2. Calvin and Hobbes did a storyline very similar to this, involving Calvin and a book report due the next day. Calvin gets his wish and snowfall closes the school and provides him with a day’s reprieve. But does he used the extra day to work on his report? No, he goes off to play with Hobbes.

    Peanuts did it years ago. Charlie Brown and a book report he hasn’t bothered to write. It snows, closing the schools. But does he use the extra day to write his report? No, of course not.

    Nothing new on the comics page, I guess.

      • News flash: Kids and even teenagers are NOT going to waste a SNOW DAY doing homework. It might be the responsible thing to do, but ANY kid this time in the year would LOVE to get a day off of school other than our two-day-break (the weekend).

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