8 thoughts on “February 5, 2017

  1. Hmmm… What state in the U.S. provides driver’s licenses that dissolve and get ruined in the wash? Just curious.
    (seriously… where? answer: nowhere… y’all be slippin’!)

  2. More importantly, why is Jeremy not doing his OWN laundry? He’s what, 16? 17? It’s high time he started washing his own clothes instead of expecting Mommy to wash them for him!

      • One word: RESPONSIBILITY. Our job is to teach our children to be responsible, independent adults capable of managing on their own instead of mothering them all their lives. If you do everything for them all the time, how are they going to learn how to do their own chores? My kids are 9 and 14, and when the older one hit 10, I taught her how to use the washer and dryer. After doing a few loads with my supervision, she “graduated” to doing her own laundry and has been handling it ever since. I’ve already started teaching the 9-year-old the basics such as sorting lights from darks and folding her own clothing, so she’ll be ready for the next step when she hits the double digits. If more parents actually taught their chicks how to fly before they are old enough to leave the nest, the world wouldn’t be in the mess that it’s in.

    • Absolutely! Once my sons were 14 and 13, I found cigarettes in one of their jeans when I was doing laundry. I showed them the pack, and made them watch me flush them down the toilet. I said that if I found any more contraband, I would do the same thing. Then I printed out instructions for using the washing machine and dryer, and posted them in the laundry area. From then on, they did their own laundry. 😉

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