9 thoughts on “February 19, 2018

  1. If he is under 18 & texting certain body parts it is child porn & he can go to jail!!! And anyone who forwards it!!! Love your strip, but WHY would you encourage this?!!!!??

  2. Child porn requires that it be done in a suggestive manner, with the intent of sexual gratification. Do you really think that’s the case here? We don’t even know if his skin was exposed.

    Even if was done for the purpose of sexually arousing Pierce (highly doubtful), it would be more in the line of sexting. And if the age of consent is 16 where they live, then that’s perfectly legal.

    Child porn is a serious problem, but overreaction just confuses the issue. Witness the parents who temporarily lost custody of their two young children, because of an overzealous bureaucracy’s reaction to an innocent picture of the girls together in the tub. Trauma for the family and a boatload of trouble for the people who didn’t use common sense.

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