7 thoughts on “February 12, 2017

  1. I wanted to tell you guys how much your comic strip has meant to me. I have been going through some really tough family trials and your strip got me through them. I know I am not alone with my problems when I see you address them in the comic strip. Thank you so much for what you do and the quality of your work.

  2. My 16 year old son and I love your comic. Do you have cameras in our home and car? I actually cut them out on Sundays when my son points out a particularly funny and relevant one out to me. Thanks!!

  3. Why is it that all these kids wear hoodies these days, but even when they are shivering cold, they don’t have the hood actually up and keeping them warm?

    • because if we do we are ordered to take them off and are told we look like hoodlums so we don’t bother because it encourages old people to view us as dirt

  4. *Sigh* and today it is close to 70 degrees outside (a VERY unusual deal for western Maryland this time of year!), and I had to have the “wear layers” argument with my nine-year-old who was insisting that I go downstairs and get out a “summer” shirt for her when it’s still only going to be warm enough for shirtsleeves. To make matters worse, I’ve been down with laryngitis all week courtesy of the “cold on steroids” that has all but ravaged our county, so making sure the kids stay on the right path and not ignore the house rules and chores has been…well, let’s just say “interesting!” Or as I’ve croaked out more than once, “Voice gone. FOOT FINE!”

  5. Common sense
    are you crazy
    below zero!

    That was a lot easier than the last one I did. xD

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