5 thoughts on “February 11, 2013

    • Hi gents,

      My kid and i read the comics every day and enjoy zits. But I gotta tell you gents there is a growing groups of 15+ year olds who would rather listen to my music ( I am mid 50’s) then music of there own generation, or classical music. Picking him up from school he groused as I turned off “zep” and another time “the who”, I asked him something like , hey kid do you ever listen to music of your own generation? He thought for a moment then slowly said, so eloquiently (no spell check here), “Dad I would have to wade through river of total crap til I get to one good song, just 1 , just ok. When I pull one from your collection and mom’s there all good, very few if any sinkers or stinkers.”

      And he wants a record player AND a cassette deck!. I found him a portable with a cassette deck as we had lotsa tapes as well as vinyl and many many many cd’s.

      In closing I hate when you go on vacation as they put in a crap comic like Zippy the Pin Head


  1. I did that once with a whole VHS tape. It was a tape from Disneyland I accidentally broke. It was important to the kids. Dads do what dads gotta do. And yes, it looks pretty stupid to a teenager.

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