5 thoughts on “December 8, 2017

  1. my last final is this Monday. I can’t wait to get it over with, as I’m studying my ass off. I have two finals, and only one of them are difficult T_T

    • Well, it’s obvious your finals are not in English, or you would have known not to use the plural “are” with a singular subject of “one,” as in “one of them IS difficult.”

  2. I forwarded this to my son whose finals will be next week. He feels exactly like Jeremy right now and is really looking forward to his winter break!
    Dear Mr/Ms JB, let’s just be a little gracious on this forum and not troll people whose English might not be perfect or who may just have made a typo. I’m not an English native speaker myself and speak – in addition to my native language – 2 more languages, English and French and I’m sure I’m making mistakes occasionally. How many foreign languages do you speak, Mr/Ms JB and are you sure that you’re always speaking them flawlessly?

  3. Um, what about people who celebrate Hannukah?
    (Sorry if I spelt it wrong)
    I’m so glad I’m only in 6th grade! I really am not looking forward to finals!
    Also, is there a new Zits book in stores? My dad and I are huge fans and I need to get him a Christmas gift.

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