2 thoughts on “December 6, 2016

  1. Okay I’m not much older than Jeremy is supposed to be but I don’t get this thing he has about wearing dirty clothes. Like strips they’ve done where Jeremy is picking out what shirt to wear by finding the one that smells least bad. I mean that’s just gross. Maybe I’m weird. I may wear something a couple of times but I don’t wear anything till it stinks. I never have gotten that in his strip.

    • Well, many of us teenagers, are incredibly lazy. And if we have a favorite shirt or pants we tend to use it a lot, we might not want to take it off even if it’s dirty. Take me for instance. I like these two pants and shirts because they’re super comfy. So I usually don’t take ’em off unless I have to go to sleep. But it’s my usual “uniform” and just taking it off to replace it feels weird. So, when it starts to stink, I simply change it to the next best thing.

      Hope I explained.

      And you’re not weird. Just not as lazy I suppose.

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