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  1. Well what did he expect. He should have spent more time keeping up with his school work & less time goofing off. He had plenty of notice about the tests to have studied for them 3 times over.

    • Who the fuck do you think you are? Your logic is terribly flawed; I have four ap exams (plus a couple others) this week, and to add to that I have an 9 page paper on another assignment due the same week.. Couldn’t study last week cuz I had other papers and more tests to take care of… And that’s nothing. School isn’t what it used to be you old hag

    • I have 4 finals, 3 papers, 4 group projects, and 5 or so generic homework assignments due by Friday. Last week I had 2 papers, 6 generic hw assignments, and a science lab. That is an average week, even if you have a final draft on a page paper due and you’ve done the other drafts then that is easily 3 hours of work for each paper, then 1-5 hours studying for each test, 7+ hours of school a day and that is not even considering if you drop all social activities or other things such as after school groups, sports, friends, or jobs. While you have a point about starting work early and studying ahead of time, most of the time us students just don’t have time because we have new work to do every week as well as other obligations. For example applying to colleges, prepping for SATs, and any number of other tasks and requirements.
      There is a reason so many students are depressed, angry, or stressed so much that we cannot sleep even when we are lucky enough to have time for more than a few hours of down time.

      • wow I thought it was just me i wish teachers talked to eachother on the papers tests i expect no 4 10 page papers all due at the same time asigned at the same time

  2. Oh, how I miss the days of having tests and papers due before break… now I would kill to have a break, two weeks in the winter, one in spring, and then a full month in summer… those were the days. Oh, and the deadlines didn’t go away just because there are no breaks to have to work around.

  3. YA dude, seriously?? Your “logic” make NO SENSE AT ALL!!!!! Before break gets out, I have to do a sixteen page poetry packet, a 1000 word history report on the Domesday Book, a math final, a TON of quizzes including: Science, English, History, Math, AND GREEK!!!!! If you think that school is super easy now, you OBVIOUSLY graduated already.

      • “working at a job” is very vague… I’ve worked at various jobs (and I’m a senior in high school) for summer, and none of them even get close to comparing to the kind of shit I have to do to keep straight A’s in all my classes.

        • As in a full time job where customer satisfaction is far harder to keep than straight A’s – and yes you have deadlines and grumpy customers (teachers!) and everyone demanding that their issue is a higher priority. Believe me on this one. I know what it’s like to be a student in this day and age because I graduated from high school three years ago

      • School was way more stressful than work for me, at least at work I get compensated for my work 😛 In school I just got a “Meh” -five more assignments-

  4. Ya, it kinda seems like adults don’t understand what it’s like to be in school and having a ton of stress on you all the time to get some assignment done on time

  5. I always wondered why teachers assigned so much work due right before break. Then I realized it’s to give themselves something to do during the break.

    “Honey, come meet my family”

    “I can’t. I have all these tests to grade…”

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