3 thoughts on “December 1, 2017

  1. I’m going to say it now when I should have said it before: Jeremy is the emitome of asshole teenagers. The things he does and says to his parents…I could never do that to my parents. Not only would they absolutely kill me, but it’s just not right. He so insulting to both of them. I couldn’t insult my parents like that (even as an unruly teenager). They let him get away with too much bad behaviour without punishment, and I don’t mean his messy room. They haven’t suggested even subtly that they should garner at least a little respect.

    Also, I would never have asked my parents for money because I knew they would not give it to me. I don’t understand why they indulge him. Just say no and stick to it. Then he’ll stop asking.

    Yes, I understand that this is a comic and if Jeremy were less bad-behaved because his parents actually disciplined him it wouldn’t be funny (but would be more realistic), but I just can’t believe how he treats them.

    • I think Jeremy is behaving rather well, especially for a teenager. And yes, teenagers get money from their parents once in a while. You want to have some fun at this age (at any age, come to think of). And he tends to spend it rather reasonably, on his car, his music or the occasional pizza, so no problem, really.

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