One thought on “April 7, 2015

  1. Hi
    Through the years, we have cut out some Zits stories from our Local Newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad and glued on the outside of the door to our oldest son Robin’s bedroom. These were stories remarkable “so Robin”. He even looks like zits, not only act like Zits and being the same age, but the similarities is so perfect that he clamed that we informed you about our “in-house teenager craziness”. Most of the stories glued to the door actually came in the newspaper a few days after they actually happened here. But some times, real life Robin extends even Zits, like when Robin the first time told us about “Mars One”. (Yeah, sure…)He is now among the 99 candidates out of more than 200 000 going further for selection for astronaut training. Can you believe Zits among Masters, Doctors, Professors and the Mars One “Sheldon” himself? Think we kind of got some stories here that will become historical in the Zits universe….
    Paul Arthur

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