6 thoughts on “April 4, 2018

  1. Dude, your dad got a new car. Enjoy, and be glad he didn’t try passing his old one on to you.

    Though it probably would have been a light year’s step up from that van.

  2. Well, there is always walking Jeremy. Maybe it is because I am getting older (heck I’m not even that old I’m only 28), but I found myself liking Jeremy Less and less and more liking his parents and amazed that they put up with his spoiled attitude so much.

      • Good for you! I was in your shoes ten years ago. I made a vow to never act like Jeremy. And I didn’t! I made it through my whole teenage years without acting like him. So it’s possible.
        You can do it!

        • Keh! If someone believes they went through the entirety of your teenage years without being grating even once, that usually means that they’ve got selective memory or everyone in their life was too polite to tell them they were being aggravating.

          If you think you’re the exception to this, I have some news for you…

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