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  1. Today’s comic is incredibly sexist. The implication is Troy’s mom has nothing else in her life but being a mom. Her life is so empty she needs to manage someone else’s child. Wow, this one just hit me the wrong way. I find some of the comics written by men to be blatantly sexist (Family Circle and the old Beetle Bailey come to mind).

    • you completely missed the point of the humor. It’s clear you’re searching for sexism because you want to find it in order to be able to complain. It’s not like Troy’s mom’s life is empty, fact is a large portion of a parent’s brain is usually occupied by thoughts and worries about his/her kid’s health… so when they don’t have any to manage, they still feel the urge to do it, like when people retire from their job and suddenly start flipping the house upside-down with tiling floors and fixing stuff even if that work isn’t necessary etc because they don’t know how to use THAT specific portion of their time. Moms are apprensive, everyone knows that. It’s not like they have to assist a kid just because they’re women, and surely they’re not “””just””” mom in their lives. But, once a parent, is that easy stopping or interrupting being a parent? the joke is about this, not being able to stop being a parent even if you have a lot more (and perhaps more enjoyable) things to do

  2. I’d buy your long winded argument if you could substitute a man for the woman and the comic still made sense and was funny. But it wouldn’t be either of those things. I stand by my original assertion – it’s sexist. And no I don’t go searching for sexist postings – I usually like this comic strip.

    • You have a point, but then you should find the whole strip sexist. Because Connie is the same type of Mom. Walt doesn’t seem to be nearly as concerned with the minutia of Jeremy’s nearly complete upbringing. Connie is generally more obsessed with it, with Walt being more relaxed about it most of the time. And look at Sara. Are you telling me you don’t often find her portrayal sexist? I do, well as the boys’ characterization.

      However, this strip portrays a family unit that hardly exists anymore. The father as the breadwinner and the mother staying home and keeping house. It’s from a time when the world was more sexist. It’s improved somewhat. In the “developed” nations, at least. Much of the rest has hardly changed.

      The reality is that men’s and women’s roles in society are still pretty well defined. It still might be possible to have made it funny with Troy’s father, but you said it yourself. The humor comes from it being the mother. Just because of the way gender roles are perceived. Don’t forget that the primary purpose of the strip is humor. And politically correct isn’t often funny.

      • I was just thinking how sexist it was to assume that a father would never react this way. My Dad sure did. That’s why he started helping out at Boys and Girls Club. That’s why I think this strip is funny. It’s about Empty Nest Blues!

    • This strip generally portrays the main males (Jeremy, Walt, Pierce) as dumb cavemen, with Connie always having to clean up Jeremy’s mess. I would think it’s just as if not more sexist towards men.

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