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  1. As a school counselor at the high school level, I usually enjoy your strip a great deal. Today, however, I did not find the guidance counselor reference amusing, to say the least. We no longer refer to ourselves as “guidance counselors.” Instead we are school counselors who work with students in a variety of ways to encourage their personal, social and academic growth. We do not ever tell students (or imply) that they have no futures. We work with them to explore their interests and strengths. We encourage them to do research on various paths to success. Your version of guidance counselor is very outdated and damaging to our profession. It goes against our ethical standards. I hope you will rethink your perception of school counselors and present us in a more positive light. Thank you.

      • @Denise,

        I appreciate your service with what is probably mostly a thankless task. Wasn’t even an option where I went to high school. And Jim
        Ware raises some good points below.

        But I think it’s a bit of an overreaction. It is just a comic strip. You may call yourself one thing, but the strip uses a term still in the common vernacular. People might not get the joke as clearly if he wrote “school counselor”. Remember the age of his target audience.

        Also, realize that Pierce is a teenage boy with all of the perception filters that implies. Most likely, the counselor said something like “You’ll have no future… if you don’t make some changes”. Or maybe in frustration said exactly what Pierce heard. Everybody has limits, no matter how dedicated. I think Pierce coild easily test anyone’s. If he was real, of course.


        Way to *really* overreact.

    • CHILL Denise, it’s not like Zits has attacked guidance counselors – this was Pierce mulling over past/present/future, something that he sometimes does in his odd way. No damage done to the reputation of guidance counselors.

    • My friend’s guidance counselor forgot to do the stuff to send his official transcripts to any of the universities he applied to. He got rejected from every place he applied to and ended up having to apply again later because she couldn’t be assed to do her own job right.

      You aren’t some holy being, you’re a counselor. There are plenty of really crappy ones, who have ruined student’s futures because they aren’t doing their jobs.

  2. I understand Denise’s affront and I wouldn’t want to dismiss it – but I still think the cartoon is cute and deserves a chuckle. For me it’s more about the teen-age boy who’s not thinking at all about his future than it is about the counselor. And don’t we all know teen-agers like Pierce? Relax, Denise, and let yourself smile a bit about the reality that you counselors must face every day. You are all doing an almost impossible task much of the time, and you certainly do deserve our respect. But don’t you see a bit of Pierce in many teens of the male persuasion? It can’t be easy being a teen in this crazy world we inhabit in 2015. I wouldn’t want to face the kind of uncertain, ambiguous, and frightening future that lies ahead for today’s teens! And now see how this “simple” cartoon has made us think? That’s one reason why I read the cartoons every day – they are so often filled with wisdom.

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