5 thoughts on “April 11, 2015

  1. My parents use Instagram. A lot of my friends’ parents use Instagram. We don’t care. My friends and I are all about the age that Jeremy and Sara are supposed to be. What’s supposed to be the big tragic deal?

    I like this comic strip, but sometimes it doesn’t reflect what teenagers are really like. It reflects what middle-aged adults think teenagers are like.

      • Don’t hate on it! This comic BOMB!!! It’s funny so it doesn’t really matter if it’s what teens are really like. You can go stick your nose in your Instagram stuff then if you’re gonna hate on Zits.

        • Correction, it doesn’t show what YOU are like. There must be tons of people out there that think the same as you, or as Jeremy. Don’t get “everyone” stuck into an opinion.

  2. Well, keeping in mind that the guys who write and draw this strip are both around 60 years old, I think it’s pretty amazing they do as well as they do portraying teenagers in a reasonably accurate manner. But yeah, sometimes what they do with Jeremy and his friends comes off as being more what people their age THINK teenagers are like than as being what teenagers are really like. And sometimes that’s probably intentional, since the strip’s perspective changes. Sometimes we’re seeing things from Jeremy’s point of view, and sometimes from his parents’ point of view.

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