Distracted Driving

We’ve lent our Sunday October 6th strip to a AAA campaign highlighting the dangers of distracted driving.   AAA has found that taking your eyes off the road for more than two seconds doubles your risk of a crash. Dudes, not worth it.

If you don’t believe me, surely you’ll believe their official press release.


And to see Werner Herzog’s powerful documentary From One Second to the Next on distracted driving, click here.

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phojjjjtoWe’re hearing some great buzz about our new illustrated novel Chillax, like this awesome review. Thanks Schweitzerman! Look for it in the Young Adult section of your bookstore or, of course, here and here.

I think the best part of the novel is Jeremy’s narration. It’s not too detailed and not too brief and the prose he uses in describing some of the everyday aspects of his life made me chuckle and green with envy-want to write that well. 
Also the pictures by Jim Borgman are brilliant as always. I recall my Dad (Who could have been the model for Jeremy’s father, Walt) laughing a few years ago about the noses in particular on most of the characters. The drawings are all new and original and help the story in terms of comedy. 
If you’re a parent and want to pick up Chillax for your child, teen, tween (What are those, anyway?), I say do so. It’s not too short, not too long and the dialogue, narration is something that any writer would like to be able to pull off. 
Oh, and since this is a book about teenagers, narrated by a teenager there is a bit of…colourful metaphors, shall we say. The words “wanker”, “damn” “pissed” and various forms of the word “crap” are used but here’s the thing: Your kid probably uses all these words already when you’re not around. And if you think they don’t, congratulations, you’re clueless.
There is another book in the works and I look forward to reading it and giving it a review like this one.