Our second illustrated novel Zits: Shredded is between covers and flying off the shelves. If the back cover is to be believed, “Jeremy and his friends are going on a ROAD TRIP if they can squeeze enough french fries to get their newly veggie oil-powered van to Dog Tired Records.” Gotta say, you haven’t read this story before. And in case you miss the big word “NOVEL” on the cover, be forewarned that words may be encountered along the way.


King Features Welcomes the All-New Comics Kingdom!

Hi There! This is your friendly King Features team, here to bring you some exciting news!

We’re really pleased to let you know about Comics Kingdom — an all-new free comics site from King Features Syndicate.

At Comics Kingdom, you’ll be able to read ZITS, and all of King Features’ great comics in one place every day for free. You’ll be able to comment on comics just like you do here, and get to know other comics fans.

For a small annual subscription fee, you can join Comics Kingdom Royal, the premium service. As a member of Comics Kingdom Royal, you’ll have access to even more great stuff—like your own custom comics page, daily email delivery, a scrapbook where you can save your favorite comics, vintage comics and more. If you were a DailyINK member, your account is waiting for you at Comics Kingdom Royal, with all of your favorites saved just the way you left them.
Please check it out!


Sketching the Unsuspecting French

My wife and younger daughter just returned from a Thanksgiving trip. Not your ordinary Thanksgiving, because we went to Paris. Yes, the one in France. We were crafty enough to wrangle an invitation to visit the prolific and crazy-popular children’s book author, Mo Willems and his family, who are living there for a year.

We stomped around the town taking pictures of the major sights, or pictures of the backs of other tourists taking pictures of the major sights, depending on how crowded it was at the time. All-in-all, a really great trip.

One of my favorite days was walking around with Mo snooping in art galleries and some really amazing art stores. Along the way we paused at a cafe to sip a hot beverage and sketch goofy-looking folks passing by our window. Trés amusant! Or, as we say in my neighborhood, really fun.