Jerry Scott’s Studio Tour

DSC_0356This is where I spend most of my day. The studio is a big room in the center of the house with lots of light. It has morphed into mostly a space for painting and napping thinking, but you can see the drawing board in the corner next to the window that I’ve reserved for working on comic strips. I write most of the strips and draw pencil sketches for Jim, so my part of creating ZITS doesn’t take up a lot of real estate.


DSC_0357The right side of the studio is the painting side. I’m an oil painter when I’m not being a cartoonist.






The smaller monitor on the left is for me to view reference photos while I paint, and the larger TV monitor is for   the NFL PBS documentaries. There are a couple of local landscapes in progress on the wall above the TV.




DSC_0361Here’s a better shot of the comic strip corner. If you squint your eyes, you can see it back there by the wastebasket.


DSC_0363I wish this area looked more impressive, but I probably spend more time on the couch than at the drawing board while working on ZITS.


DSC_0154We live on a working cattle ranch on the central coast of California, so you never know when some of the neighbors will drop by to say hi.


DSC_0169That’s it! Hope you enjoyed the tour.








Free Father’s Day Card!

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Kolinsky Brushes

Someone asked about the brushes I use to draw Zits. Here’s a brief answer, previously published in Ask A Cartoonist on the Comics Kingdom website:

This little fella has made my professional life possible. He’s a Kolinsky red sable, a weasel really, who leads a spartan lifestyle in the Siberian wild. Ain’t he a cutie?

imageThe Kolinsky’s tail hairs are uniquely supple and strong, and when expertly fashioned in the talented hands of the women on the lines of the Winsor & Newton factory in England, conspire to form the dreamy Series 7 Number 3 red sable brush. image 2

It’s the brush I’ve used to draw virtually every line in my forty-year career as an editorial and comic strip cartoonist. If you care for it lovingly those critical hairs at the point will last three or four months in peak form before losing a bit of their spring and a couple miles an hour off their fastball and being relegated to a spot in the bullpen.