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The page proofs for our new spring Zits book Zombie Parents and Other Wishes for a More Perfect World were in our hands, we’d read them a dozen times and were down to our final few days for comment before giving our official OK to Andrews McMeel Publishing and sending them off to the printer. The book looked great. There wasn’t a pixel out of place. The cover artwork had come together effortlessly and we’d all agreed a book cover based on a popular series of strips we’d done around Halloween was a brilliant idea. There wasn’t a thing wrong with the book… (more…)


I’m in Florence, Italy, reunited with my daughter who has been studying at an art school here this semester. She’s wrapped up her work, turned in her key, and she and I are having a great time, toodling around Florence, seeing her world, poking around her school, the Christmas market and all that. For the first time in years, Florence has snow and it’s amusing to watch the unfamiliar locals wiping out on their bicycles and trying to shovel the snow in front of their shops using brooms and buckets. (more…)

Backstage At The Strip

It’s time for a little look behind the scenes at Zits. Comic strip characters tend to morph and change slowly over the years. Often it’s not a conscious effort, but something that just happens with time. The other day I was writing, just riffing on nothing in particular when I started thinking about Hector’s appearance. He’s arguably the least teenager-y character in the strip (no offense, Pierce), and possibly the strangest looking (sorry again, dude). He was originally conceived as the quiet, reasonable best friend that would contrast with Jeremy’s more exuberant personality, and that worked okay. But over the years, as Jeremy settled into his own skin – or ink – Hector became less and less visible. So the idea of a Hector makeover started to emerge. (more…)

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