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Today's strip

Jerry writes the vast majority of Zits strips, but now and then I get a hot hand and send him some ideas he likes. Today’s strip came from a session at Half Moon, my favorite of the four local coffee shops where I hang out with my sketchbook.

Today's Strip-- Rough

Even my best ideas usually benefit from Jerry’s rewrites, but this one he returned to me untouched. (more…)


There she is, a cardboard box to set my heart a-pounding.  This box of 55 sheets of Strathmore Series 500 Smooth 3-Ply Bristol   Board arrived last week and I’ve been giddy ever since. It represents a lot more than just my annual order of paper for Zits. It’s freedom, sweet freedom, from the tyrrany of cold-press paper. (more…)


My older daughter received her first college acceptance letter yesterday, and I’m struck with a combination of feelings; excitement for her,

overwhelming pride, and gob smacked astonishment that I’m going to be the parent of a college kid. Any reasonable person would assume that after writing and drawing about teenagers as long as I have, this would not be my first rodeo. Yet here I sit in the bucking chute with my heart in my throat and flop sweat dripping down into my boots. Hang in there with me. This is going to be an exciting ride. (more…)

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