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Opening Day

My hometown is Cincinnati and if you’ve never been here on baseball’s Opening Day, well, it’s like being in Vatican City on Easter. For me, it means the end of winter, a tough gray season if you live in the midwest. I moved my drawing board and lamp down to the kitchen table for the afternoon where I could watch the game on a decent TV while inking. The Reds won 7-6 with two out in the bottom of the ninth on a three-run home run. I got five dailies penciled and lettered. Sweet.

Sunday Title Panels

Long ago dinosaurs walked the earth and a single comic strip – say, Little Nemo – could fill an entire page of the Sunday funnies. Comics section layout editors must have kept their X-acto knives tucked away in the back of the drawer and slept soundly on Saturday nights.

Gone is the day. Now, of course, six or eight strips may be crammed onto a Sunday comics page, and the layout editor must be able to tie a cherry stem into a knot with her tongue. To help her out, we cartoonists now deliver our Sunday strips with a title panel tacked onto each strip. The title panel, entirely expendable, gives the editor a few more options in laying out the page. Leave it intact and the strip runs wider and relatively shallower on the page. Whack it off and the strip’s a stockier rectangle. (more…)

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