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Sunday Funnies

My parents didn’t read me the Sunday funnies. I don’t think I’d have let them. For me, reading the Sunday funnies was an intensely intimate activity.

My older sisters and little brother and I were deposited at my Grandma B’s apartment after church on Sunday mornings while Mom and Dad got a dose of peace and quiet elsewhere until noon when the commotion resumed at our house. At Grandma’s, there was a feast of toast and pancakes and goetta – a local fried gruel made of sausage and oatmeal and lord, maybe wallboard flakes – that we loved. But the best part of those mornings was spreading out the Sunday comics section of the Cincinnati Enquirer on Grandma’s vast bed. The colorful pages seemed as big as her quilt. (more…)


The strips that have been running lately were written in a coffeeshop on Pearl Street when Jerry and I were spending time together in Boulder, Colorado back in February. We had several bodacious writing sessions that turned into subtle competitions and generated a big pile of material which Jerry proceeded to hammer and bend into shape when he got home. (more…)


Leonardo da Vinci scared a lot of young artists away from carrying a sketchbook, myself included. Too much genius to the page – who can handle the pressure? In the Louvre, a da Vinci notebook is enclosed in a glass case and one page is turned each day. People line up for hours to catch a glimpse. Bill Gates bought another one, the Leicester Codex, for $30.8 million. (more…)

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