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Q. We were curious as to why you came up with Walt going to Quetzaltenango? We have gone on mission trips to the departmento of Huehuetenango several times and pass by Quetzaltenango on our way. We absolutely love Guatemala and it’s peoples. Thank you!

A. Jerry was born in Quetzaltenango. (His birth certificate says Huehuetenango but that’s a typo.) When the maize business shifted to Indiana, his family moved to Ft Wayne.

Alternative fact:

Jerry owns one of those computers with a Google machine.


Technical Issues

Hi, all! This is the Zits admin. We’ve had a few folks recently write to us because of some technical issues on the site.

We were hit by a bot attack a couple of weeks ago, and that knocked our website out until we could add some improvements to increase security. But one of our security fixes conflicted with some other software we were using, so some of you may have run into some problems then, too.

We seem to have everything ironed out as of last week and have not received any new reports of problems. If you have ANY problems with the site in the future, the best place to contact someone who can help is support@comicskingdom.com. That’s our tech support email, and someone will get back to you as soon as they can.

Thanks for letting us know about the issues– it helps us diagnose the problem so we can fix it faster. Here’s to smooth sailing for the foreseeable future!